Mei Faith Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, please submit them to, and I’ll answer each & every one of them! Yes, it is that simple.



Do you make all the jewelry yourself?

from: Amber

answer: Yes, I make all the jewelry in my home studio. I try my best to find the highest quality of gems at the lowest price possible. This way you can be sure to get the best quality at the best price…being handmade.

Where do you buy your gemstones?

from: Sarah

answer: Seeing how I have a large family (between my husband & kids…we are a family of six) I tend to make a lot of purchases online. Over the years, I have gotten burned by buying one thing and it being another. After being in business 10 years (January 2019), you find suppliers you know & can trust to give you the best. My suppliers are located all over the world. My favorite is a guy from the UK (won’t mention his name here) who truly gets me THE BEST GEMS!

What made you leave etsy?

from: Angela

answer: Now that’s a hard one to sum up. I guess you can say when I opened my etsy shop back in 2009, it was simple, easy & reliable. I needed that. Fast-forward 10 years later, and etsy has become more self absorbed & very competitive. I felt my shop was getting lost in all the junk that was being allowed on (when I started, your shop had to be approved before you could open it…now anyone can open a shop). It really became a place to buy manufactured stuff, rather than handmade & they seem to have pushed out the genuine small businesses that were its back bone to host manufacturing shops. I don’t want to put-down etsy by any means. I know a few shops that are doing very well & love etsy. For me, it just wasn’t working anymore. I knew I needed a change. Plus, with etsy, I needed to have a ton of listings in my shop to get noticed/promoted. I didn’t want that anymore. I really wanted to gear more towards quality rather than quantity. Now, I am able to feature spring/summer collections & fall/winter collections. Just what I always wanted.

How often do you work in your studio?

from: Sherrie

answer: I work as often as I can. Sometimes, I’ll be in my studio for 18 hours a day…for several days, than I crash & take off a week (even though I still have to handle sales coming in…which I never neglect). With the size of my family, it is hard, but I try to find a balance. It isn’t easy to have set hours, but I do try to work at least 3-4 hours a day in my studio. It all averages out.

Why are you now doing more accessories & not only jewelry?

from: Mya

answer: I’ve always loved handbags, scarves, hats & sunglasses. I am truly an accessory gal & I am always looking for something unique & fun for myself and my collection…so why not include it here! When I decided to make the move from etsy to my own site, I figured here was my chance. With etsy, they really wanted you to stick with one thing. With my own site, I can do what ever I want…so why not offer other exciting accessories. I am sure if I enjoy them, many others will too.

Did you do the whole web site yourself?

from: Katherine

answer: 95% of it. While I did have a ton of recommendations from friends & family (and a bit of help from one of my daughter’s friend & a hired consultant), I knew what my budget was (not very big LOL) & I knew what I wanted it to look like. When I was introduced to squarespace I was a little shocked (for it was a bit out of my budget), but I loved the look of it & their support. I guess you can say, you get what you pay for…right.

Do you make all the other accessories that are non-jewelry related?

from: Sue

answer: All other non-jewelry accessories are not handmade by me. I do, however, search for every piece and I personally hand selected each & every one. Whether it is through small business events or online wholesalers/distributors, I truly spend hours trying to finding the most unique accessories, for the best prices.