Mei Faith Studio

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Why Handbags, Scarves & More…

(on expanding my jewelry design studio / business into being so much more)

The only answer to that is, why not! I am truly a woman who loves to accessorize. Whether it’s with the latest or newest handbag, a vibrant scarf, some over-sized sunglasses or a few statement style jewelry pieces, I am all about accessorizing. Seeing how I was able to branch out more, now that I have my own site, I wanted to share with you a few of the most amazing and this season’s hottest non-jewelry accessories that are out there. As many of you know, I am not your average gal and I do not own “cheap” accessories. It is nothing for me to spend some serious cash on a pair of sunglasses or beautiful scarf…and let’s not even start talking about my handbag collection, it’s extensive & expensive, but lately I have discovered that not all accessories have to cost as much as car payment or even your monthly mortgage.

Back in 2018, I was introduced to a whole new world of vibrant, fun and very reasonably priced handbags. As I contemplated on making each purchase, because they were nothing I have personally owned before, my thought was I love the colors and style of each, so why not. When each handbag arrived, after buying them at retail cost, I was blown away by the quality and unique design. Later I went to purchase a few more and have been carrying them ever since. When I decided to launch my own site, I wanted to not only make my exclusive jewelry designs available, but also other accessories as well. Handbags were my first choice that needed to be included. While I did look around at the many options of handbags that are out there, and that I could offer here, I followed my heart and went with two companies, America & Beyond and Lovestitch, both of which I purchased from…for myself…months ago. The best part is most of the handbags that are currently being featured on this site range in pricing from a low as $9 - $100, which is way below what each of the manufacturing retailer’s sites have listed on theirs. Yes, I totally scored!

Next came the scarves and sunglasses. We all love a beautiful scarf and some fabulous sunglasses because each of them are so easy to wear and considered to be a must have every day accessory. Again, my personal collection with both is extensive. When I started thinking about adding other accessories to the site, scarves and sunglasses were my next choice. After months of research, once again…to find the best quality at the best price, I found a few manufacturers that wanted to work with me and my design visions. How exciting is that!

It is my hope, that in the future, I will be able to offer a wide variety of accessories that are not only the latest in-style fashion pieces, but affordable too.