Mei Faith Studio

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Behind The Designer & Her Studio…

Talking about handmade jewelry, the studio’s start & a little bit about the designer behind it all ~

{from designer & proprietor Shelly Pompey Leonard}

There is always a special story behind every piece of jewelry we wear so why not....

make a statement & mark your style.

Every piece from your collection should always be special. Every piece from your collection should have meaning. Every piece from your collection should tell a story. When you include Mei Faith Studio's original handmade designs to your unique style, this is exactly what you get.

I love designing and wearing chunky colorful gemstone pieces. Back in 2008, I noticed that it was really hard to find quality stones and well made jewelry. It was then that I decided to take a jewelry design class at a local college and fell in love with the idea of bringing my visions to life. Soon after, Mei Faith Studio was born (est. 2009). The studio is named after my two daughters, Francesca Mei & Annabelle Faith, for these two girls inspire me every day to be the best that I can be and to live life to the fullest. 

I have worked very hard making my studio be the successful small business it is today. Paying attention to even the smallest detail, my studio has truly become 'a name' that is well- known & trusted for its quality, craftsmanship & signature designs to so many…all over the world! My designs have been shipped to clients in: Italy, Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Brazil, Costa Rica and of course the USA! 

My designs also had some amazing appearances which include the Golden Globes, Primetime Emmys, MTV Movie Awards, several television series, blockbuster movies and fashion publications.

Besides designing jewelry, another one of my passions is to travel. I have been very fortunate to travel to China, Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Italy…as well as many states across the US. I find traveling very inspiring for each destination offers its own twist on colors, environment, food, culture, and locals...each place having an unique story to tell while exploring. When I travel you can be sure that I am always on the look out for exotic supplies of gemstones & beads. I also love to visit local galleries, art displays, boutiques, antique shops & museums for inspirations and acquisitions. It is truly safe to assume…from the information I provided above…that I too have acquired an unique collection of jewelry & that I am just as passionate about my own {collection} as I am about creating with discoveries from my many travels in my studio's designs as well.

It is my belief that....

Jewelry should always reflect the course of one's lifestyle & personality.

Jewelry has & always will be associated with memories, passions, fashions and one’s journeys.

Jewelry should be treasured as bountiful accumulations {regardless of its value}.

Jewelry should always make a statement.


Jewelry should always be worn {no matter how big, how small, or how much}....never go anywhere without it.

I truly hope you love all the pieces I have specifically designed just for you.

Be bold, be brave & always forever fashionable!



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